27.03. - 24.04.2010

In "Himmelfahrt Nr. 1-53" TRYONE (*1976 in Berlin) focuses on indirect transfer processes based on field observation. The works exhibited record, in an abstract form, ephemeral events and visualize time.

TRYONEs method is similar to the one of a research scientist, who sets up, runs, studies and analyzes an experiment. For several weeks he constructed hot-air balloons, wrote down weather forecasts and looked for places to fly 53 balloons and watch them being moved by the wind and thereby visualize the movements of the wind. A hot-air balloon goes with the wind, just as fast and into the same direction. It lies still in the wind.

The documentation of the flight, of the action in the outdoor space, plays an important part in his work. A film shows sequences of flying balloons – sometimes distant small points, moving fast; sometimes clearly visible, slowly ascending. The camera angle is fixed, it just shows a section of the city and the vast sky.

The film is an independent work as well as part of the experimental process. The shots serve TRYONE to transform the observed movements. He copies the positions of every balloon on transparent paper, frame by frame, point by point. Many single points form a line. He traces the way of every balloon and re-experiences the lapse of time. In the next step these balloon lines are transferred on canvas. The pure movement, in form of a white line on glossy black canvas, archives and abstracts the balloon flight. The time it takes to apprehend the line takes the place of the actual duration of the flight.

There is an edition released within the exhibition.